Restorative Program

Restorative Programs

A goal-oriented program designed to introduce incremental changes towards better health. Throughout the program, clients are asked to keep track of their progress for the follow-up at the conclusion of the program.

What To Expect

Regain Energy
Focus on eliminating foods that can contribute to stress aggravation.

Nutritional Overhaul
The spotlight will be on meal prep, taking time out to enjoy mealtimes and healthier dining out options.

Relaxation, leisure time and improved sleep are the objectives.

Tie it all Together
With the addition of exercise, this will be the time to incorporate all the things learned and changes made through the program.

What Happens Next?

At the end of the program, a one-on-one consultation will be offered to:

• Develop a reasonable exercise regime that fits into your schedule
• Tailor recipes and meal plans to suit your specific needs
• Set practical, long-term goals & expectations
• Determine any specific health concerns

Moving Forward

• For the next 4 weeks, a one-on-one 15 minute consultation per week (via FaceTime, Skype or phone call) will be held to track progress and provide support

• For the following 2-3 months, a one-on-one 30 minute consultation per month (in person, if possible) will be held for progress updates and support

Price: $350

**The individual needs of everyone are different.  At the conclusion of the program, it can be determined if ongoing consultation is required**


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