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Turning Knowledge into Practice

Holistic Health; Better Living; Creating Balance.

We are all familiar with these terms, especially those of us seeking to implement a life change; one that encompasses all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, while still allowing us to carry on in our day-to-day reality.

With one simple click of a mouse, we are bombarded with health & wellness advice - great news for us, right?  Not necessarily.

The reality is we become so wrapped up in consuming all of this free knowledge that we neglect to actively implement what we have learned into our daily routines.  There are a few ways to combat this challenge and make better use of our new insights:

Streamline Information Sources

Figure out exactly what it is that you are after.  Once your goal becomes clear, choose one or two mentors, self-help coaches or gurus who truly embody the changes you want to see.  Follow them closely, soaking up all the tips and strategies they offer.

Limit Time Spent Collecting Information

Too much input at a time can equal overload, which can ultimately lead to feeling overwhelmed, defeated and unmotivated.  Scheduling time during the week to collect the information you need and sticking to it, will eliminate this problem.  Less really is more.

Take Action

Ramp up the amount of time per week that you spend making changes, however small they may be.  Every step will boost your confidence level, making change will become second nature and you will start to experience real transformation.

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